Who We Are

Musicar Northwest was founded by Tom Miller and Ken Ward in 2009 to deliver world-class audio and electronics integration to the Northwest. Musicar has been named one of the Top 12 Autosound Retailers in North America for the past three years running.

Tom Miller

Tom is a fabrication and integration specialist, and has years of experience working with premium automobiles. He has been selected as a “Top 100 Installer” five times, and named a “Top Twelve” installer three times. He especially enjoys
working with classic cars.

Tom can handle practically all aspects of integration, fabrication and customization, in any vehicle. From bespoke cupholders in Ferraris to complete interiors in classic street rods, he works closely with the customer to create an elegant solution to their request. Unlike the “wild and crazy” style of many fabricators, his approach is heavily influenced by the elegance of the luxury and exotic cars that he has been surrounded by for most of his career. He believes that “integration” means that gear is installed in a way that’s cohesive with the original vehicle design – no matter the extent of customization desired. His passion, creativity, and attention to detail have earned him the loyalty and trust of the most discerning car owners and dealers in the Portland area.

Ken Ward
Ken is the audio industry’s foremost expert in audio integration in premium vehicles. He has been in the audio and electronics field for over 30 years. An alumni of Old Town Car Tunes, Cartronix, and avincar in Portland, he’s also worked with manufacturers in technical and product-marketing capacities. He’s served on the MECP installer certification committee, contributed to the MECP Study Guide, is a past chair of the CEA’s Mobile Electronics Education Committee, and conducts seminars at the industry’s Knowledgefest annual convention and through Musicar’s Educar Training subsidiary.

He has written numerous articles for Car Audio and Electronics, Mobile Electronics, Installation News, and other publications, and he regularly answers car audio-related questions on several Internet sites. Through Educar Training, he has trained literally hundreds of car audio technicians and system designers in both the US and Canada on OE integration and high-fidelity system design. He is a former IASCA sound quality judge, and his home audio system uses Thiel, Audio Research, Theta, and Counterpoint equipment.

Nick Akin

Nick joins Musicar Northwest after years with award-winning retailers, primarily back east. He is very skilled at system design, is Musicar’s radar and laser countermeasures subject-matter expert, and brings value to many other areas – he is a valuable addition to our team.

Patrick Rollins

Patrick joined Musicar from the east coast as well. He brings years of experience as a technician and also years of expertise with MINI vehicles – he has owned several and is a member of several MINI enthusiast groups.

Sean Pham

Sean has been an audio and electronics technician in the Portland area for many years,  is a BMW expert, and owns a few BMWs himself. He actually has a Musicar Level Three system in one!

T.J Carlson

T.J. comes to us with 11 years of professional experience as an installation technician. He has been named one of the Top 12 technicans in North America in the past two years. T.J. is also a Subaru enthusiast, and does not only have expertise in working on these cars, but has owned many of these models and is intricately familiar with their OEM system layouts, fitment tolerances and upgrade capabilities.