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In the nascent stages of Musicar Northwest, we recognized that the car audio industry was riddled with compromises, predominantly due to the commercial pressure to appeal to display room aesthetics rather than real-life usability in cars. We decided to go against the grain, choosing to specialize in car-specific speakers that provide an exceptional audio experience within the unique acoustics of a vehicle. This commitment to quality over commercial success has been instrumental in setting Musicar apart from the rest.


The 2010s

As we progressed through the decade, we doubled down on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We developed a unique approach to car audio that prioritizes the midrange sound – the most important part of the sound that our ears are most sensitive to. This focus on delivering detailed, accurate sound with linear low-bass extension differentiated us from many competitors who often highlight the more immediately impressive bass and treble.

Our philosophy also extended to the respect we have for the integrity of the vehicles we work on. We do not believe in unnecessary modifications that alter the original design of the car. Instead, we have become experts in integrating high-fidelity sound systems with factory source units, maintaining the original functionality and aesthetics of the vehicle.

The 2020s and Beyond

As we move forward, we continue to champion the mantra that less can be more. We believe in the power of a few high-quality speakers over a multitude of average ones. This approach has resulted in some of the best-sounding systems we have ever created, often comprising of just 5 or 7 speakers total.

We also acknowledge the realities of modern driving and the role of technology in our lives. Therefore, we provide Bluetooth handsfree kits to facilitate safer driving, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their music without worrying about missing important calls.

At Musicar Northwest, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe in the principle that “we all win, or there’s no deal.” As we continue to push the boundaries of car audio, our vision remains the same – to help people enjoy better music systems in their cars, affordably and with integrity.


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