Integrate – From the Latin Integritās

soundness, correctness
and purity –
a complete whole

Our Approach

Car audio is not that important — but enjoying music is experiencing art, and that’s very important. Think about all the design effort that goes into a car — our car may be the largest work of art we will ever own. Work done to your car should honor the original design. 


Getting the right sound doesn’t mean you need to cut wires and drill holes. Whether it’s a plug-n-play system or a bespoke project, we’ll make every effort not to permanently modify your car.


We’ll do our best to hide everything. If it can’t be hidden, the design of that component should pay tribute to the original design language.


Looking good is great, but it’s all for naught if it doesn’t perform. Every good design should also focus on extracting all the potential performance from your equipment.


Integrated electronics takes us a whole lot further than just audio. Everything from radar & laser countermeasures to dash cameras and custom designed interior accessories — Explore some of our in-house custom projects.

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