Musicar Certified Sound for BMW

Custom BMW Sound Systems

BMW Performance Audio

Every enthusiast likes to upgrade their tires – but no one thinks that a tire upgrade gives the car more power. Likewise, a high-performance audio system requires more than just a speaker upgrade – the amplifier is what delivers the power, and the stock amplifier is just not powerful enough for great sound.

All of our systems are validated in car, model-specific, bolt-in, and plug-and-play. Our upgrades are not for everyone – our systems are sound-quality oriented, not sound-pressure oriented or bass-output focused. We deliver a broad stage, pinpoint and stable imaging, tonal balance, and true linear low-frequency extension – all without cutting wires or modifying the vehicle!

If you’re looking for a small improvement, our systems aren’t for you. We deliver guaranteed performance increases, not “there – did you hear that?” tiny differences. Our systems are designed by a veteran of the audio system-design trade with three decades of experience. Our design and fit is from the mind of a nationally-recognized fabricator and Installer of the Year.

To get specifics on these systems, please visit Musicar Certified Sound and see what’s listed. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

Please write us with the last 7 digits of your VIN number. Also please let us know where you are located geographically, and if we will do your installation or if it will be done elsewhere. We will reply within 48 hours with the options we offer for your vehicle.