Keep Your Factory Radio


Modern cars have pretty good in-dash receivers. Many of them have navigation, voice control, satellite radio, iPhone integration, and more.

So why do so many modern cars still sound bad? Quite frankly, it’s because good sound doesn’t sell cars, so carmakers won’t spend their money on better sound. Some great, great cars come with lousy sound systems – and when we say “sound system”, we don’t mean the in-dash receiver, we mean the amp-and-speaker system.

The good news is, those can be improved. You can have world-class sound without replacing your stock in-dash receiver. We can upgrade your speakers, upgrade the amplifier, and correct any processing the factory is doing to the signal – all while keeping your vehicle appearance and functionality intact. On top of that, our systems are 100% reversible in future – which makes them perfect for lease vehicles, or vehicles where the resale value is key. We respect the design of the vehicle while still delivering uncompromised performance. We have Musicar Certified Sound systems starting at $1995 installed, and Musicar Premium DSP Upgrades starting at $1195 installed. Our most popular systems are in the $3000-$5000 range, and we have reference-class systems available as well. All qualify for the Musicar Performance Guarantee. Contact us for more information and a free proposal for your vehicle.