BMW Audio Upgrades

Musicar Certified Sound systems for BMW

Our upgrade packages for BMWs:

– Retain the stock BMW head unit and full original functionality
– Install invisibly – your car looks stock!
– Play clear sound without distortion – with lower lows and higher highs
– Deliver more usable volume than the stock system

They really do sound amazing! (None of our systems are slight improvements – we know our customers want real performance, not “there – did you hear that?”)

Over the years, we have developed so many audio upgrade options, for so many different BMW models, with so many different factory-audio “starting points”, that it’s a major project to list them all on the website. Here’s a list of vehicles we cover. Please email us to find out what is available for your car, and please include the last 7 digits of your VIN number. If you don’t see your vehicle listed, it might be in development – please contact us for more information!


E90 Sedan (2006-2011)

E92 Coupe (2007-2013)

E91 Touring (2006-2013)

E93 Convertible (2008-2013)

F30 Sedan (2013 and on)


E82 Coupe (2008-2013)

E88 Convertible (2009-2013)


E70 SAV 2007-2013


E60 Sedan (2004-2010)

E61 Wagon (2005-2010)


E83 SAV (2003-2010)


E84 2012-current

 Please contact us directly for specifics.

Not all systems were available in all model years in all markets. Much of this information is focused on the US market. If you are outside the US, please contact us directly via email. Yes, even for Canada.