E91 3-series wagons with HiFi

The BMW “HiFi” system

The BMW HiFi sound system looks good on paper, but it doesn’t sound very good – and it certainly doesn’t qualify to be called “high performance”. It sounds harsh, dull, and weak – high in distortion, low in power. Here’s what it includes:

– Front tweeters
– Front midranges
– Underseat woofers
– Rear midranges
– Rear tweeters
– Six-channel amplifier with front/rear/woofer outputs

The amplifier also has some rudimentary sound processing in it, to make the HiFi speakers sound less annoying than they otherwise would. Fortunately, the balanced signal from the stock head unit to the amplifier is unprocessed.

Musicar Certified sound systems upgrade the most important speakers, as well as the amplification. The stock head unit is retained and all functions work just as before. All the new gear is plug-in and bolt-on.

Musicar Certified Sound systems for E91 3-Series touring sedan with HiFi

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