E90 3-series sedan subwoofers

Musicar Sub-bass Modules for E90 sedans

Musicar BMW subwoofers are available for the E90 sedan in various configurations:

– Plug-and-play Add-a-Trunk-Subwoofer kits for Premium Sound systems – plugs into Logic 7, harman/kardon, and Enhanced Premium cars (all you need is hand tools!)

– Add-a-Trunk-Subwoofer kits for HiFi systems (these require four speaker-wire connections – not plug-and-play)

– Preloaded, tested subwoofers (using woofers we’ve validated as performing optimally in our enclosures)

E90 Add-a-Trunk-Subwoofer kits

These kits are for Premium Sound-equipped 3-series sedans (Logic 7, harman/kardon, and Enhanced Premium), and include everything you need except hand tools:

– Plug-and-play interface harness
– 250-watt, fan-cooled micro-sized amplifier
– 10″ high-performance subwoofer optimized for small sealed enclosures
– The E90 OE-Look corner-loaded enclosure with acoustic polyfill
– Musicar OE-look grille
– Amplifier power harness and speaker harness with disconnect

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