E82 1-series coupe with Stereo

Musicar Certified Systems starting at $1750

The Stereo system has six speakers, no amplifier, and a heavily-processed “deck-power” signal coming out of the head unit. The tweeters are missing. The underseat 8″ speaker provisions have 6″ speakers hot-glued into them. It’s not even “mid-fi”, it’s so bad – but great results are possible. A systems approach is required (“incrementalism doesn’t work”).
Musicar Certified sound systems upgrade the most important speakers, as well as the amplification. The stock head unit is retained and all functions work just as before. All the new gear is plug-in and bolt-on. The output signal processing is corrected back to “flat”.

All this is done with zero cut wires and zero modifications to the vehicle – everything is 100% plug-and-play and 100% removable in future. Musicar systems are perfect for leased vehicles, or for those who want to leave nothing to chance.

‘Rear-speaker retained” systems leave the rear speakers stock powered by the high-pass-filtered stock power. “Rear-speaker upgrade” systems add rear amp channels and upgrade the rear speakers to a similarly-“voiced” speaker as the fronts. (Please note that RSR systems do NOT require removal of the BMW head unit, while RSU systems do – include this in your installation planning.)

We first use a DSP correcting processor to “flatten” the boosted signal. Because of how we designed the system, all factory functionality is retained, without any added controls or buttons required.

JL Audio CL441dsp

Musicar E90 F midrange

E90 tweeter install

Level One and Level Two use the same amplification, but Level Two has better speakers than Level One (think of it as analogous to having the same motor, but better tires and suspension). Both use 75 watts per speaker channel, and a 300-watt channel for the optional 10-inch trunk subwoofer. Level Three uses 500 watts on a carbon-fiber-cone subwoofer, and 100 watts to each front speaker.

Musicar E82 subwoofer


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